Yearling Rams

An outstanding and handsome group of yearling rams, born May-July 2009.
Excellent breeding – dynamite horns—exceptional fleece.
Very healthy – Strong fellows. Photos taken 6/10/10



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BOREL Craft’s Chablis/Tomlin, TW, born 5/16/09, 4H.



RAINMAKER Craft’s Ruby Gentry/Tomlin, TW, born 5/14/09 2H.





PROSPER Craft’s Cindy Lou/Ulysses, TW, born 5/16/09, 2H.



BRAHMS Newberry Bliss/Tomlin, TW, born 7/09/09, 4H.





BEETHOVEN Newberry Siskiyous/Tomlin, TW, born 6/29/09, 2H.



BACH Newberry Bliss/Tomlin, TW, born 7/09/09, 2H.

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