Ram Lambs

A  Quintet of Outstanding 2 Horned Ram Lambs:

   These five rams have attractive and colorful markings, desirable fleece. 
Their horns are strong, impressive, black, widely space.  Many have blue eyes.
They each have distinct personalities.


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# 105, twin, 05/08/11, Craft’s Natasha X Meadowlark.



#  119, twin, 05/13/11, Craft’s Bountiful X Meadowlark.







#   127, triplet, 05/13/11, Craft’s Ruby Garnet X Meadowlark.




#  122, twin,  05/16/11, Craft’s DeeDee X Brett.




# 135, twin, 05/21/11, Craft’s Sheena X Meadowlark.














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