Captain, our main breeding jackass

Gracie, her foal Chloe born with ewe lambs

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Sheep absolutely need some protection against predators. Coyotes are found almost everywhere in the U.S., as well as roaming dogs (often your neighbor's).

Donkeys are excellent guard animals. They have a built-in dislike and
distrust of most predators, and will chase and stomp intruders. They are good guard animals because of their instinctive and protective actions against any perceived threat.

Not every donkey can be a reliable guard animal - certainly not intact
jacks (too aggressive) and those who have never seen sheep or other farm animals. Our donkeys are born and raised with our Jacob sheep. Predators soon discover that donkeys will chase and stomp!
We have never lost a lamb, nor had any sheep injured or attacked by
predators. We believe this is due to donkey presence on the farm.

Donkeys eat the same feeds as sheep - grass pasture, alfalfa hay, corn and oats (small amounts), sheep mineral. As they live and eat in the same pens and pastures, a bonding occurs.

Ready to go to new homes: 3 jennets, 2 to 3 years old. Three are Spotted -- amber, beige, brown, black. Delivery can be arranged. Other jennets and geldings available, photos and prices on request.

Amaryllis, 4 years old ready for guard duty.

Gracie and Chloe

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