Ewe Lambs

We had a late lambing this year, beginning Mother’s Day weekend
and ending two weeks later on the 21st. 200 percent lambing results,
ewe lambs in the majority.

This ewe flock is very uniform, outstanding markings, pretty faces, and congenial
personalities!  They are adept at entertaining frequent visitors.  Fleece quality is outstanding and this year lovely coloring with some sun bleaching obtained while they climbed those steep pastures and limestone bluffs.


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Two of Ruby Garnet’s triplets X Meadow Lark 2, born 05/13/11. 
Very nice, both have two horns , #128 is smaller, blue eyes.
Nickname for #129 (by the college students) is A.P. for “almost perfect.”

Ewe twins by Craft’s Cindy Lou X Craft’s Brett, both two horns, nicely marked, born 05/09/11.  Cindy Lou birthed one of our top rams last year (Prosper), now heading a starter flock in southern Iowa.



Newberry Bliss X ram Brett’s twin ewes, born 05/09/11.  Dam Bliss is from Crystal Pritchard’s Newberry Flock (Bend, Oregon), discontinued  due to predator problems.  #111 has two horns, #110 has four and a slipped patch on right eye.



More twin ewes:
    Dam Craft’s Hep Hana; She is a beautiful young ewe, her first lambing, 05/14/11.  Pedigree dates back to Julie Cooney’s Haycock Hannah.
Her sire is Newberry Ulysses, handsome 4 horn ram from Newberry flock. #114 two horns, #115 has five horns, three on right side. Sire of these twin ewes is Craft’s Brett.



Ewe  lamb, another twin, #131, born 05/19/11, named “Cindy Ella.”  Very nice fleece. Sire is Craft’s Meadow Lark 2.  Dam is a Cindy Lou daughter (whose original Craft’s name was changed in the registry by the new owners from “Cinderella” to “Piggy.”)  and returned to us when the young family relocated to the East Coast.   

Dee Dee's ewe lamb, strong, big 2 horns for a little ewe lamb!   Coloring quite striking, slipped right eye patch. 
Craft’s Dee Dee X Craft’s Brett.  Twin, born 05/16/11.  Sweet personality. 

More Twin Ewes!  Belonging to Bronte Bluebelle! The Bronte line is noted for prize-winning fleeces. It goes back to our original eight ewes purchased from the Pinecroft and Puddleduck flocks. These twins born 05/13/11, sired by Meadow Lark 2. Both of these twins have blue eyes and two horns. (The photo sizes misconstrue the sizes of the lambs; they are the same size.) Quite a striking pair.


Always popular -- Bountiful’s lambs.  True again this year, take a look at the ewe. 
Born 05/13/11 to Bountiful and Meadow Lark 2.  Bountiful is from the Bronte line, and sired by Hurricane Hill Jozeppi.



Ewe, twin, Dam Nastasha X Meadow Lark 2.  Born 05/08/11.  She has two horns, proud
carriage and nice coloring, including “black dots” in strategic places.  Nastasha’s pedigree includes strong Puddleduck background and multiply birthing.



  Two Related Ewe Lambs:

Newberry Siskiyous' twin ewe lamb. Craft's Sheena, Siskiyou's daughter, also had a twin ewe lamb. Siskiyous  is from the Newberry flock (Newberry Ulysses X Sheep Lane Eve) a larger ewe
with dramatic four hours.  Sheena, also a twin, born June ’09, 5 horns, sired by Craft’s Tomlin

# 102, twin, born 05/06/11, to Siskiyous X Craft’s Brett.
# 134, twin, born 05/21/11, to Craft’s Sheena X Meadow Lark 2.
   Both of these lambs have four horns, attractive markings and lovely fleece.



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