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We’ve been raising quality Jacob sheep in Iowa since 1988 to assist in
preserving this rare and majestic breed and to raise beautiful fleeces.
The consistency of high quality of our fleeces is evident throughout
this entire offering as well as in our entire flock. The “Bronte line”
continues to merit ribbons as well as “ohs and ahs” at fiber shows and exhibits.

We raise only one breed of sheep, the Jacob, on our farm in Winneshiek County, Northeast Iowa. Our farm is adjacent to the limestone bluffs of the scenic Upper Iowa River. The sheep graze in thirteen paddocks of rolling green pastures and thrive on alfalfa from our fields. Smaller than commercial breeds, Jacobs are productive, thrifty, colorful, intelligent, with unique personalities.

Our flock reflects a good portion of Jacob “blue blood” breeding --
dating back to the early Jacobs introduced in the U.S. -- and these
outstanding Jacob lines are reflected in the pedigree of each Jacob in
this offering.

We utilize sustainable agricultural practices and raise our Jacobs under natural conditions -- no pesticides or insecticides on our pastures or alfalfa fields and no feed additives.

We sell nationwide -- sheep for breeding stock, fleeces to handspinners, natural coloured Jacob yarn to weavers and knitters, guard donkeys guaranteed to keep your flock safe from predators.  Our guard animals are smart, loving, and dependable!

Bob Norton is the spinner and weaver in our family. Marianne is the shepherd. We’re pleased that a high percentage of our sheep sales go to repeat customers as well as to “starter flocks.”

We believe we have a premium Jacob flock. Here is a sampling of
our 2011 offerings. Please contact us for a complete catalog (our
19th annual). We welcome inquiries and questions and on farm visits.


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